World Terminology

Aer: Setting of the Solstice War. A round blue planet, covered mostly by water. It is not the Earth, though it is roughly analogous to it in all but the layout of its land masses. Unlike the Earth, there are less contiguous land masses on Aer, and more island continents — Nocht, Lubon, Ayvarta, Helvetia, Hanwa, Svechtha and Kitan share no land connection. This has placed emphasis on naval power for all nations, and nations with strong navies have historically had the most influence. Only recently has this tide turned with the loss of Lubon’s colonies, and the prominence of Nocht, a weak-navy nation. There are some forces and creatures on Aer that do not exist on Earth and that cannot be explained rationally.

Ayvarta: A massive southern continent home to the Socialist Dominances of Solstice. It contains the independent nations of Cissea and Mamlakha as well as the 10 Socialist Dominances of Solstice. Largely warm and tropical to temperate climates give it a comfortable climate, except in the central desert, where sandstorms and massive temperature spikes are not an uncommon sight. Once hosted a vast empire.

Hanwa: A trio of large, close islands that form of the core of the Hanwan Empire in the northeast.

Helvetia: A north-western island nation lying between Lubon and Nocht. It has a large resource base that has allowed it some measure of self-sufficiency. The Helvetians have long advocated for World Peace and long been ignored by the world.

Higwe: A chain of small islands in the central waters of the core ocean that separates Nocht and Ayvarta.

Languages: Non-English words sometimes appear in the Solstice War as a nod to the cultures that inspired each faction. Ayvartan words are Hindi or Swahili words; Nochtish words are German; Lubonin words are Italian; Hanwan words are Japanese; Cissean words are Spanish; Kitan words are Chinese.

Lubon: A rather large island nation located north-centrally. It has had connections with Ayvarta, Nocht, Hanwa and Svechtha. Because of its position it has historically been a site of Empire and was once a hub for great sea trading routes. However its power in the world has dwindled with the independence of its largest colonies. Lubon’s people are known as the “Lubonin” sometimes also called Elves or Faerie.

Months: The World of Aer, in general, uses a 6-month calendar each with 61 to 64 days. A year starts with the Postill’s Dew (February, March), then the Lilac’s Bloom (April, May), followed by the Yarrow’s Sun (June, July), on to the Dahlia’s Fall (August, September), then the Aster’s Gloom (October, November), and finally ends with Hazel’s Frost (December, January).

Nocht: Name for a large north-western nation on its own continent. Separated from Ayvarta by a lot of water. Historically the most recent of the large powers. Growing in significance after its independence from Lubon and the destructive Unification War that shaped it into a coherent political entity by annexing all of the territories of its continent under the auspice of the Federation of Northern States, still to today colloquially (and at times officially) referred to as the Nocht Federation.

Svechtha: A large land mass in the far north, straddling the arctic. It is a cold and brutal place that has often been subjected to colonial rule for its resources. First nation to have a communist revolution, which inspired the Ayvartan revolution. Svechtha is a non-word: it was entirely made-up by the indigenous inhabitants of the land, the small, somewhat humorless, icy-colored folk now known as the Svechthans, to supplant various derogatory names their colonists gave them.

Year: The Solstice War is set in 2030 During The Civilized Era or D.C.E.

Yu-Kitan: A massive southeastern-lying continent, currently at war with the Hanwan Empire.


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