Reading Past The Lines

I’ve always been very hesitant to post things to do this blog that are not either a) actually stories or b) where to buy things I’ve made that are actually stories, like Outdoourcing. I feel like it’s sometimes difficult enough navigating this blog, even with the tag cloud and categories, and finding a discrete and orderly series of stories the way one would in an ebook or print book, without also bumping into announcements and author’s notes and what have you. However, this might be a problem of my own invention ā€“ if you feel differently and think it’s ok that I post different things here (so long as they pertain to writing), then please leave a comment to that effect. It would be helpful to hear opinions on it.

Anyway, given that I don’t post commentary to this blog, I’ve taken to posting it (as well as updates about life and other such things) in various venues. So if you’re interested you can follow me there. People who only read this blog probably don’t know much about my actual personality or predilections ā€“ you may desire to retain that incomplete picture and that’s ok to me. But if you want to know more here’s the places where you can know more.

Tumblr: Lately I have been posting Author Commentaries for my work on tumblr using this tag. You don’t have to have a tumblr account to click on that and read the commentaries. If people want, I can post the commentaries on this blog instead of or in addition to posting them on tumblr. My tumblr is otherwise a place where I reblog pictures, sometimes talk about my depression, and talk about racism, sexism, and other social topics. It’s a place for learning, for me. So if you *just* want to see pictures of puppies and happy thoughts, I’m not the author to follow on tumblr.

Twitter: My twitter is basically a place where I goof off and say what’s on my mind. There’s a lot of incoherent thoughts, straight up complete nonsense, and sentences posted for no real reason. Again there’s a lot of talk there on social and political issues. I don’t really have “fandoms” that I talk about much. I’ll sometimes talk about what video games I’m playing. I often lament something or other there because I feel better when I let out some of my sadbrains over social media that bottling it up. This blog is set up to post to twitter whenever I post something on it, as well, and I’ll often post about what writing I’m doing that day to Twitter too. Just know what you’re getting into.

Ask Dot FM: I have an Ask page where I answer questions. I’ve answered a LOT of questions here so it’s a pretty nice place to read a lot of personal stuff about me as well as a lot of bad jokes.

All of this might sound self-centered, but I like engaging with people who understand me or share experiences, and I like to listen to people do the same. I’m not very “professional” in the sense that my account is not a stodgy supplement to my writing or a “networking” portal, and I’m sure I come off as quite “immature” in the things that I take pleasure in doing over social media. I can guarantee you though that my twitter and tumblr and my Ask are all free of racial and gendered slurs and I never make homophobic, transphobic or misogynistic jokes; I do swear a lot though, but I find that minor in comparison. But all those are very different experiences from reading this blog, so I can understand if you would rather not do so. However if you think we can get along I encourage you to follow.


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