The Solstice War


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The 18th of the Aster’s Gloom in 2030 was a day the Ayvartan people would never forget. 23 years after toppling an oppressive empire and instituting a socialist government that returned rights and dignity to the workers and peasants, the Ayvartans found themselves again at war. Overseas, the people’s revolution was seen as a bloody coup against a legitimate government, and viewed as an imposition of tyranny. The Nocht Federation, the Kingdom of Lubon, and the Empire of Hanwa, together comprising almost half the political power of the world, launched an invasion to tear down the red flag flying over Solstice.

“The Solstice War” and other writing copyright© 2011-16 Dennis N. Santana. All Rights Reserved.
Any resemblance to real persons or events is historical homage or purely coincidental.
Logo by Evelyn Isherwood, friend of the site and author of The Bitter Drop.

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