My name is Dennis N. Santana. I’m a writer primarily, and I draw inspiration from and take an interest in all sorts of culture: fiction, anime and manga, video games, wargaming and milsim, blogging and social media, music, and so on. I have deep interest in topics of social justice, and will not tolerate misogyny, racism or transphobia, on this blog or elsewhere.

I’m also genderqueer: I don’t find myself well situated in binary gender. I accept any pronouns (he/him, she/her, them/they), I don’t really mind them at all. I’d preferred to be referred to as a “person” than a “man or woman.” Colloquialisms like dude, or sis, or ooze princess, are fine. I don’t really believe in gender totalities but I consider myself less “masculine” than “feminine.”

This blog is for the most part a dedicated fiction blog where stories will be posted when completed. Its largest project is The Solstice War, which can be found on the sidebar. Other writing, mostly comedic in nature, is posted when possible. There is no set schedule, as my life doesn’t exactly allow one to materialize; writing is generally posted at least twice a month.

As someone on a limited income, any little bit of financial or material aid helps keep me writing. On the sidebar you’ll find some ways you can support the project. You can also buy me a gift from my Amazon Wishlist or my Steam Wishlist – it would really brighten up a gloomy day!

Contact: wyattsalazar(at)gmail(dot)com. I am on Twitter, Tumblr and Google Plus as well. I use each of these social media streams for different purposes. If you want to grab my attention really quickly and say something succinct, Twitter is probably your best bet. Tumblr I use to keep in touch with friends and discuss heavier subjects than most people might comfortable with, so unless you’re into leftist and gender politics you probably wouldn’t get a lot out of it.

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