My name is Dennis N. Santana. I’m a writer primarily, and I draw inspiration from and take an interest in all sorts of culture: fiction, anime and manga, video games, wargaming and milsim, blogging and social media, music, and so on. I am very interested in left activism and in the nuances of queerness and race. I do not tolerate bigotry on this blog or elsewhere.

I’m also bisexual and nonbinary: I don’t find myself well situated in binary gender. I don’t have specific pronouns. Anything is fine to refer to me, whether he, she or they.

As someone on a limited income, any little bit of financial or material aid helps keep me writing. You can join my Patreon to help support the Solstice War and get a little extra in return out of the story. Or if you just want to tip me a couple bucks, click the button.

Contact: wyattsalazar(at)gmail(dot)com. I am on Twitter and Tumblr as well. I use each of these social media streams for different purposes. If you want to grab my attention quickly and say something succinct, Twitter is probably your best bet. Tumblr I use to keep in touch with friends and I post about a variety of things but generally leftist politics will creep into it.

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